Old Current Occupations

  1. 2015-04-05
  2. 2015-01-05


I have started working at Quartet FS in Jan 2015 to help build their super fast OLAP database engine and surrounding products.

I am very lucky to have to have been accepted at this enterprise, as it was the first I seriously tried to join, and since they match my interests by producing an useful, performance-critical product.

Furthermore, the working conditions are very good, with smart, friendly co-workers and an amazing localization at the heart of Paris.

I have decided to put my previous Booktree project on hold for these reasons.


I am investing full time on Booktree: Book Development with Version Control. Presentation video.

I will pursue this or other projects that interest me by:

  • joining a company. I will:

    • relocate anywhere (double Italian and Brazilian citizenship)
    • work for any wage that allows me to survive
  • creating my own company if none is up to it