Projects pending for Review


Date Project Size Description
2014-05 Marked 0 Typo benchmarks are below reference in README
2014-05 Marked 0 Move CLI usage up on README
2014-04 Boost Graph 0 Rename color header to more precise title
2014-01 Counter Culture 3 Add :delta option. Hairsplitting mathematical detail


I try to learn from my mistakes, and accept the opinion of others. And sometimes someone else just makes a better PR or rebases faster :)

Date Project Size Description
2014-02 GitLab 3 Add markdown preview to issue, MR and milestone descriptions Implemented by someone else.
2014-01 GitLab 1 Add optional test fixtures that generate predictable data
2014-03 Softcover 1 Check for zip dependency. Implemented by admin in parallel.
2014-01 GitLab 3 GitLab add user visibility level. Split into 2 MRs


Closed source

Autolinks with angle brackets whose URLs contain single or double quotes don’t show in rendered markdown files and issues

2016-05 Google Drive 1 “Can’t scan file for viruses” popup dialog for a renamed large file uses old file name