Software engineer. Passion for low-level technologies and educational applications.

Quick facts:

  • Nationalities: Italian and Brazilian
  • Grew up in: Brazil
  • Relationship status: married
  • Chinese name: 三西猴, means “three western monkeys”. Phonetic approximation to SANtilli CIRO. Semi-unintentionally reminds Chinese people of Sun Wukong.
  • Laptop: high end ThinkPad
  • Distro: latest Ubuntu release
  • Vim or Emacs: Vim
  • Tabs or spaces: spaces
  • Mailing list or Git(Hub|Lab): Git(Hub|Lab), with passion
  • System or unit tests: system

Hello! If you comment is about China, please read the FAQ and contributing guidelines first. Also, your comment would be more visible if you created a GitHub issue instead of posting it here. Here it will likely never be seen by anyone else due to endless JavaScript infinite scroll.

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